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Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

Getting a nose piercing is a great way to make a statement. However there are some people that do not take the time to take care of their piercing. Those who do not take the time to learn proper nose piercing aftercare are going to run into some major issues. Before taking the plunge and getting this particular type of piercing, take the time to look through this guide in order to see just what it takes to take care of the new piercing.

After the piercing has been given, it is very important not to touch or play with it. Often times people want to twist it around and play around with it and the germs from the hand could transfer to the piercing. This is going to cause an infection and the piercing will need to be taken out. Just keep the hands out of the face and there will be no need to worry. If the piercing needs to be handled, the hands should be washed ahead of time.

Early Nose Piercing Aftercare

When the piercing is fresh, proper nose piercing aftercare states that the person must wash the area at least 2-3 times per day. If this is not done on a daily basis, the piercing is going to get dirty and will need to be taken out to heal. Be sure to find the right cleaning solution in order to have the piercing cleaned on a regular basis and taken care of.

There are a number of different products that will offer the right care for a nasal piercing. The parlor that gave the piercing will be able to include some great solution. Making a basic saline solution is also going to be a great way to have everything cleaned up. Use it as often as possible and make sure that all of the soap is rinsed away and pat dry the area.

If there is no option to take a break from wearing makeup, be sure to work around the area. If makeup is applied to the piercing, it is going to be very easy to experience an infection. The makeup is usually filled with a lot of grease that is only going to affect the area in a negative way. Lightly touch up and try to use all natural makeup that does not affect the skin as much. There are always better solutions when it comes to wearing makeup.

People are often very eager to replace the nose stud with an actual ring. However, if the piercing is not healed entirely, problems could ensue. In fact, a non healed piercing with a brand new nose ring is going to cause a lot of pain as well as inflammation. Take the couple of weeks to wait and check with the professional in order to see if the nose is healed and ready to go.

All of these tools are essential to avoid infection. Piercings for the nose do cost some money and those who want to protect their latest investment need to make sure that they keep the area clean and free of all dirt. This might take some work, but the fact of the matter is cleaning and not touching the piercing is for the greater good.

It is very important to take the time to practice the right nose piercing aftercare. Listen to what the professional says after the piercing and make sure to that the area is taken care of. Start right now and pay close attention so that all infection is avoided.

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