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The Dreaded Nose Piercing Bump

When you think of piercing a part of your body, it’s only natural to consider some of the skin reactions that might occur. Although you are satisfied by the great piece of accessories that you have on your nose, a certain level of complications might appear. Obviously the reference is to the immediate reaction of the skin after the nose ring is put into place. One common abnormality that you could encounter is nose piercing bumps near the area. Before we proceed you need to understand that despite the fact that some of these bumps can heal on their own, some of them require a specific treatment. In order to find a remedy for them, we must first understand the characteristics that stand behind them.

What Type of Nose Piercing Bump Do You Have?

There are some general recommendations that can safely use in order to solve any nose piercing bump that can disturb you. The very first thing that you have to do is without a doubt the action of identification that gives you information about the type of bump you have near the piercing area. The common bump that is generally reported in all the cases during the healing process is a boil, or in medical terms the bacterial pocket. Its appearance is very simple to explain and understand. When the physical trauma of the needle insertion occurs it causes the tear itself which in sometimes paves the way for microbes to enter and infect the wound. In most of the cases these types of boils are red and often quite painful, and it can secrete either blood or pus. There are many treatments available for these types of abnormality so don’t panic if you suffer from it. Another reported nose piercing bump which is also common, takes the form of hypertrophic scarring. Particularly this bump can be located in the surrounding area of the exit hole, and curiously has the same color as your skin, so you need to carefully search for it. As you might have noticed if you suffer from it already, the bump feels hard, like a tiny rock but is not very painful. If you are wondering how they appear, well it is an easy answer because they appear when the metal puts pressure on the piercing itself and the body reacts accordingly by scarring. The nose piercing bump that you need to watch out for is the keloid. This is a scar tissue that spreads outside the boundaries of the newly put piercing. These types of bumps are very hard to treat, and unfortunately they need a surgical intervention in order to remove it. Recent data has revealed that mostly people with darker skin are predisposed to these types of keloid scarring tissue.

The Nose Piercing Bump Won’t Be Permanent

The key is patience and calm because any abnormalities require a certain amount of time to be healed. You don’t need to be scarred too much about the nose piercing bump because as you read already there are treatments available and nothing is beyond the power of medicine.